Tuesday, May 26, 2009

easy 5

Today I ran slow and easy and listened to the birds. I did a flat out and back on Spec Pond Road mid morning with temps still in the low forties. The bushes around Spec Pond were full of birds. I think they were so active because they were trying to get warm! I've got to try to get out on the roads a little in preparation for Vermont. I consider that race more of a road 100 than any other I have done. There are trails, but there is a lot of hard packed gravel road and some pavement also. These surfaces are hard on my ankles and hips. But if I train on hard surfaces, it should get better.

Last night's upper body strength workout almost killed me. At one point I collapsed flat on the floor mid push up and considered just staying there the rest of the night. But I do love that achey feeling I have in my triceps and shoulders today!


  1. Ahh yes, I miss that achey feeling you get after a hard workout. I wish I could still strength train but my old, broken down spinal column will have nothing to do with it. :-0

    Laurel, I see you are doing Green Lakes 100km. I'm looking at runing the 50km there. Have you run it before? Looks like an "easy" course on paper but nothing is ever easy for me anymore!

  2. Laurel, Just keep hitting the "Play" button. Sounds like you were doing the heart to heart push ups. How are you enjoying the 16 minutes and 7 seconds of hell? AKA Ab Ripper X

  3. I hate it but I love it! Those are tears of um Joy?

  4. The only thing worse than the heart to heart push ups are the corn cob pull ups. Ab Ripper...the name says it all. But a good hard workout sure feels good!

    Dan, I have never done the Green Lakes Races, but it fits in on my calendar this year. The "easy" courses are the hardest for me. Tough terrain and elevation gains even the playing field for us older and not so fast runners!