Friday, May 1, 2009

Time for a Chiropractic Visit

I ran 8 miles in the Massabesic Forest today. It was surprisingly warm and humid. I am having a little twinge in my right hip, which I have had in the past. It isn't really a pain, more of a strange cramping feeling. I will have to get in to see my chiropractor because he has fixed this same thing for me on many occasions in past years.

My chiropractor on Washington Ave. in Portland is wonderful, but I have very little patience for all the hocus pocus stuff that he and his office staff are into. It isn't just straight forward chiropractic medicine in that office, there is a lot of use of herbal remedies, crystals and charms, laying on of hands, and all sorts of other practices that are uncomfortable and embarassing to me, a hard core old fashioned registered nurse. I come right out and tell him to cut the crap and snap my back and my hips. He pretends to comply with my wishes, but I often catch him in the corner of the room meditating and "focusing his energies" between snaps.

Apparently people love this stuff! The waiting room is always full. People are constantly leaving the office clutching brown paper bags or glass vials full of who knows what. An aquaintance of mine has had both of her children "de-toxified" in that office. I shudder to think about what that might involve. Another aquaintance had her early dementia cured by the doctor and his staff. I have a hard time buying into all that stuff. The good doctor is willing to accept my views and follow my wishes for him to stick to the chiropractic stuff, but he hints that I could feel a lot better if I let him and his staff go to town on me. All I care about is that he can do a percise and effective snap on my lower spine and hips that can be heard out in the waiting room. When I leave there I have to adjust my car mirrors because I am suddenly taller. After one visit I am good for another six months or so. I'll keep you posted about how my next visit goes.


  1. I couldn't help chuckling while reading this post! Sounds like quite a bunch of characters, but at least the real stuff seems to work. :-)

  2. My chiropractor is exactly the opposite - very technical and very focused on the problem at hand. He's married to an ultrarunner who has competed on the US 100K team at the World Championships, and he's worked at the Olympics and Olympic Trials, so I trust that he really knows what he's doing. Between him, the podiatrist in his office, and the sports med internist there, I feel like I'm in good hands when I walk into their building.

    No crystals, magnets or other hocus-pocus.