Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Three Miles at Old Dog Pace

I took Bart out into the woods behind the schools this morning for an easy 30 minute run. He is really getting too old to run, although he still loves to try! Gee, I hope nobody says that about me. Anyway, I let him set the pace and stop to drink from the river as often as he wanted. He set a perfect pace for this run, with just a few days left until my race.

I don't really feel nervous or anxious about Massanutten but I am feeling very irritable about work today, which isn't like me. Normally I might think to myself how stupid or inefficient something I'm being asked to do is, but then just let those feelings go and do what I'm asked. Today I found myself grumbling to Bart about all the annoying work things that lay ahead of me today. It's bad enough to catch myself complaining to a dog, but Bart is completely deaf as well. If I am complaining about work to a deaf dog, I must have some anxiety going on after all!


  1. Wow...My pace is a lot slower than it used to be and my wife say's I'm deaf...well the word she uses is "selective hearing" but I am pretty sure it means deaf by her I can relate to poor bart who is probably just "selective " too know I'm just joking right? HAHAHA..

    I must say, though I rarely drink from a stream anymore, I do still pee on bart and I probably have that in common.

  2. Laurel,

    Good luck this weekend at MMT. From your posts it sounds like you're ready to go. Like a race horse in the starting stall, bucking and wanting to get the race started.

    Once again good luck.

  3. Laurel, good luck this weekend. I'm sending good vibes your way!

  4. Thanks for the well wishes!

    Pathfinder, it sounds like you and Bart have a lot in common. On the selective hearing's interesting that Bart can't hear me at all when I say, "Don't eat that!" or "Don't pee on that!" yet he can sometimes hear the lid on the dog biscuit tin rattle. Hmmmm.