Friday, May 22, 2009

Mt Kearsarge

Mary and I hiked Kearsarge today. We are both having a recovery week, me from my attempt at MMT and she from her excellent Boston qualifying marathon. She will have to write a book titled "Build from Zero Miles to a Marathon in Eight Weeks" because that's what she did.

We talk a lot when we run or hike together. Today's subject was our love lives, which was cause for hysterical laughter all the way up the mountain. Our love lives are the stuff of romantic comedies, but without the romance. I guess that makes it the stuff of plain old comedies. The hikers on the summit could hear us coming from a mile away. I think they were surprised to see it was two middle aged women making all that obnoxious noise in their otherwise tranquil day.

I am still trying to get my lawn mowed, but better offers keep coming up. I live right in town and there are a lot of Memorial Day Weekend events that will be happening in the neighborhood. Everyone else already has their lawns all spiffed up, so I'd better get out there right now! Then legs, back, and abs strength work tonight.


  1. I vote for you tossing some wild flower seeds about and welcoming fallow into the front yard. I just planted what I call a Tuscan Garden (plants in pots): basil, cilantro, It. Parsley and tomato plants...water wait, viva!

    Hmm love lives...for now I am having fun with the reverse... Life Love.

  2. Laugh loudly, every chance you get! ;)