Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easy Run and Looking Ahead

By the time I finished my run this morning it was 80 degrees and humid. Phew.I've got to start getting out there earlier! I ran 6 miles easy on the Box Shop Trails in about 57 minutes. No speed records today, I'm still letting my legs recover. At the end of the run I was threatened by a Domestic Goose that had gotten out of its pen. It came running at me hissing with its wings spread out to the sides. But she was all bluff. Thank God.

I finally bit the bullet and took an in depth look at the entrant list for Massanuitten. As always the women's field is small but strong. Let's face it, Massanutten doesn't attract the weak at heart. I try hard not to let my competitiveness come into play in any race longer than 50 miles. It's very hard, but to finish a 100 miler I have to run how I feel and ignore what everyone else is doing. So I looked, took note of who will be there, and now I'll try to forget about it.

One disturbing thing I realized today, is that I have worn out all my shoes but one pair. I have to break in some new ones as soon as possible so I won't have to rely on this one pair to hold out through the entire race at MMT. I normally don't change shoes during a hundred miler, but I like to have a pair in one of my drop bags just in case. I'll have to order a pair for express delivery as soon as I'm done with this post. Some more hammer Gel and Shot Blocks need to be ordered, too. I love ultra training and the racing, but I'm not crazy about all the logistical planning and preparation.


  1. Laurel, I just surfed around the MMT site and photos from previous years. Nice one of you all happy and smiling even at was it 40 or 60-something miles. keep that smile alive--it'll fuel you through and through. Oh, I was once attacked by a swan! I was also bitten by an Ostrich as a Zoo (keep all fingers away from the fence!). I';; be sending you smiles from MA all the way to MMT!

  2. Trail Pixie, Laurel pretty much smiles and looks like she is having fun when she runs. 90 percent of all the races I've ever done were finished in 60 seconds or less. To me a 10K was too long let alone 100 miles! Then I crewed & paced Laurel at WS...she made it look fun and easy and I said I want to do one of these! Yeah right! A 26 mile training run with her and I was spent. While it may be fun it sure as heck isn't as easy as she made it look! (I think she isn't right in the head :)

  3. Emily, I really do enjoy myself 99% of the time while running and racing on trails. It's not because it's easy,it's because it's FUN! I hope I can smile through the whole race again this year!

    BJ, how many other sprinters can say that they paced a runner at Western States. You are probably one of a kind!