Monday, April 20, 2009

Rest Day

I was tired on my run yesterday and decided to take a rest day today. Well, not complete rest, just rest from running. I did a 4 mile uphill treadmill walk at full incline while watching the exciting Boston Marathon coverage over the internet. I walked at 4.2 MPH and it was a nice workout without the wear and tear of running. Tonight I am going to BJ's for an arms, back, and abs strength workout. I have lost a little weight with all the training I have been doing and my arms are starting to look and feel like cooked strands of spaghetti. Well, maybe not that bad, but you get the idea.

Tomorrow will be marathon pace running. I should be rested and rearing to go.


  1. That's crazy, I can't imaging watching the race while on a treadmill walking....I was at work and found myself getting real antsy and longing to get the legs moving. I think I would have started running on that treadmill.

    That race was exciting though I was dissapointed when Kara didn't pull off the win....I thought when she threw off her gloves that it was an instinctive signal to sprint, so I expected a huge finish from her.

    I also noticed that the other's grabbed a drink at the 1 mile to finish and asssume it probably had some type of sugar potion for a fast energy kick....perhaps Kara should have had a drink ready too?

    Still, a 3rd place when racing against the worlds best is pretty darn impressive....same goes for Ryan hall.

    And kudos to the girl from maine who took 11th....see we are not all hicks up here.

  2. I know, I really thought Kara had it. She has run some impressive fast times in the shorter distances, so I know she has speed. I figured if she was in the running at the end, she could pull off a great finishing kick. But what a great race to watch! Both the men's and the women's races were exciting, but the women's race really had me on the edge of my tradmill :)