Monday, April 27, 2009

Ran Out of Gas, Literally.

Today I wasted a good part of the day due to my own stupidity. I ran out of gas on the way to a dental appointment! How does something like this happen, you ask. Well, my Jeep makes a convenient little chime when it gets down to 1/8 tank and that reminds me to fill it. Apparently my new Yaris has no such warning system and a driver must actually look at the gage now and then. Imagine that! The Yaris goes a long long way on a tank of gas, but as I found out today, not indefinitely.

I called my daughter to come and get me, which turned into a fiasco of it's own because she arrived with no time to spare for trivial things like driving me to a get gas for the car. Shawna had to get to work and then had classes. She drove me back to Gorham with her, which is better than sitting on the side of route 25 in Limington, I guess. Long story short, it took me most of the day to get myself and my car back home.

Once back home I had all those household things on my list that still needed to be done. But let's face it, the day had really sucked and what I needed most at that point was to get out and blow off some steam. I had planned to take today off from running to rest my legs, so I opted for a bike ride followed by a fast uphill walk. It worked wonders. I feel a lot better. Big deal, so I ran out of gas and wasted an entire day sitting in a sunny window in a coffee shop in Gorham drinking way too much caffeine and reading the newspapers (all of them). There are worse ways to spend a day.

I learned my lesson, you can bet that I will never run out of gas again.


  1. What a drag to run out of car gas! Hmmm. now me wonder why she didn't bring running gear for you.... ;-)

  2. Get AAA - call the 800 number, they bring gas!