Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tempo Repeats

Today's tempo pace repeats went very well. This run gave me a much needed confidence boost after a couple of rough running weeks. I ran on the trails that run along the Ossippee River in South Hiram. The trail starts about a mile from my house. It is a 2mile loop of rolling hills on well groomed single track trail and grassy fields. Normally I wouldn't be crazy about running a two mile loop over and over again, but I wanted to check the pace of my repeats today. I was aiming for 5 X 5 minutes at 7:00 pace, but to make things easier to keep track of, I decided on 3/4 mile in 5:15. On my first warm up loop I paced off what was roughly the 3/4 mile mark of each mile. I know, I'm not supposed to get hung up on the exact pace, it's all about effort. But I really needed to show myself that my training was going OK.

My repeats ranged from 6:55 pace to 7:05 pace depending on the uphills and downhills. I returned to an easy pace to recover for 1/4 mile between each repeat and reversed direction each loop. I did all five, but probably didn't have another one left in me. I did an easy loop afterwards and with the mile to and from the trail it was a total of 10 miles. On the last road mile back to my house my legs were aching and tired. What a great feeling! Now I can lie around on the couch and read all this cloudy wet afternoon without feeling guilty.

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