Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Trails!

After a nice brunch of waffles (my favorite) I headed out from BJ's house in Cornish for my run today. About two miles from his house I was tempted by a lightly trafficked snowmobile trail that looked to be well on its way to melting down to bare ground. I had never been out on any of the ATV/snowmobile trails in that area. I turned off the dirt road I was on and headed into the woods. Because of my scare a few nights ago, I called BJ on my cell phone shortly after leaving the road to tell him about my change in plans. Then I relaxed and enjoyed the trail.

I was in heaven exploring new trails! There was a lot of bare ground, some water and some snow. I knew I was heading toward town, I just wasn't sure how far I would have to go before hitting a road or looping back. It was great fun with good steep climbs, mud, rocks, and running water. I am still not back to 100 percent, but I felt pretty good today. I know it's a good run when I catch myself smiling for no special reason as I run along.

After about an hour and a half I came out on a dirt road. At first I couldn't figure out what road it was, but I knew I had run on it before. I finally realized I was on Pendexter Rd. How had I gotten so far away from BJ's house?! I ran until I had done a total of 2 hours and then called BJ to ask him to come get me in the car. I am finally getting over my cold and didn't think I should push myself by doing another long run today.

I loved this trail! I will try to incorporate it into my next long run.

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  1. That's a great story. I love it when I start to blaze my own trail and then come to the realization of where I really am. It seems like I am farther than I thought I was every time. I wonder why this is. I am very good with directions and clocking my internal distance. Maybe it's just wishful thinking. : ) Keep blazing the trail!