Thursday, April 2, 2009

My 2009 First Run in Shorts

There have been a few nice warm days before today when shorts would have worked, but work kept me from running during the warmer mid day hours on those days. So today was the day! BJ and I ran 5.2 miles out and back on Spec Pond Rd. We didn't start our run until about 6PM and it was still so warm that I had to shed one of my two top layers at the turn-around. It was a nice run. BJ and I usually manage to talk non-stop through our runs, so the miles go by fast. Today my lungs and throat were burning from the last of my cold and every time I tried to talk I started coughing, so I had to let him do all the talking. Tomorrow is supposed to be a 5 hour long run. I'm meeting M. in North Conway for 3 hours and if my cold doesn't stop me, I'll do an additional two hours alone after. Then we'll be going out for a much needed night on the town.


  1. Cheers to breaking out the shorts, hope that cold goes away...have a great run in N.Conway, what trails are u running?

  2. Hi Ryan,
    We ran out into the State Forest at the end of Town Hall Rd, trails and logging roads. They have a lot of the tote roads plowed because they have been actively logging in there this winter. Nice surface for the most part, even with the rain.