Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nice Evening Run

Tonight BJ and I set out from his house for an easy run. My legs were tired from too much exploring yesterday. We turned off onto an old road that looked interesting. There had been a lot of recent logging activity in this area, but the road itself had been cleaned up well when they were done and it was very nice running. As with so many of these old unmaintained roads, there were stone walls and house foundations hinting at what the area used to look like over a hundred years ago. There was some mud, but it really wasn't too bad. BJ might disagree with that statement, as he likes to keep his shoes clean.

We made our way up to a nice hilltop with views of the area. BJ pointed out the different landmarks for me. We ran back down, trying to curve around so we could make a loop and return on the paved road. We got to within about fifty yards of the paved road, but the trail ended at someone's house. We didn't think it would be good manners to march right past the house and up the driveway to the road, so we did a short bushwhack to the road instead. It was a very relaxed and enjoyable run.

I will have to take another easy day tomorrow to rest up for a tough training weekend. I am planning to drive down to Connecticut for the Northern Nipmuck 16 miler this Saturday. I think it will be a fun day trip for me. It will be day one of back to back long runs this weekend. I'll get out for an early morning day two long run on Sunday before cooking Easter dinner.

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