Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nice Recovery Run

BJ and I met at the elementary school in Parsonsfield after I saw my last patient this evening. I wasn't at all sore from yesterday's long run, but I was pretty tired. I knew BJ had turned an ankle while running on his trails Thursday night and was still sore from that, so I figured he would be good slow company for me today. He was willing to give running on the ankle a try, only asking that we run on pavement or solid level trails. I took him out on the old Hobbs Swamp Road, only to discover that it was neither as solid nor as level as I thought it was. BJ had to walk on some of the soft washed out areas to avoid aggravating his ankle, but I was so slow tonight that he really didn't fall behind much as I continued running over those spots. We ran to the end of the trail at Chase Rd and decided to return on the pavement. I think we ran a total of 6 miles in about an hour, 3/4 of it on rough trail/old washed out dirt road. It was a really nice recovery run.

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