Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sun and Mud

Today was a beautiful sunny early Spring day. I was scheduled for an hour at 7:20 pace today. I haven't been successful at getting any of my other planned workouts in this week, so I decided to at least get this one done. I didn't start my run until 5PM because I saw a few patients today for overtime pay. By the time I started the wind had picked up quite a bit, but otherwise it was perfect running weather.

I ran a fairly flat eight mile loop and it took me 1:01:28. Not exactly 7:20 pace, but still a good effort. My legs are feeling good, but I still have some wheezing and coughing left over from being sick. Earlier this week I was starting to fear I might have bronchitis or pneumonia. Now I am finally on the mend and I think I can stop worrying about this turning into a prolonged lay up. Phew!

After my marathon pace running I went out for a short jog into the woods to check the trail conditions. I'm happy to report there is plenty of mud out there, which means springtime in Maine!

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  1. Yeah, the mud is out there as I found out on Saturday. I would have faired better with knee high boot/running shoes.....though that might have looked kinda funny.

    I did hit a lot of ice too....I think I am going to invent retractable ice spikes for my wading running boots, then spring running will be much easier.