Friday, February 20, 2009

Nice 5

I had a very nice 5 or 6 miler on a back road in Waterboro after seeing my last client today. I was going to run on snowmobile trails, but changed my mind after about 3 steps. It was much too soft to run without snowshoes and I had left my snowshoes at home. When I am working in unfamiliar areas, I have a method of picking my running routes. Half of the equation has to do with finding a place along my drive home where I can safely pull my car off the road. The other half has to do with the look and the feel of the road. You can't go wrong with a winding back road with lots of trees and hills, so that's what I look for.

Today I made a nice choice. I parked at a school on West Rd in Waterboro and took the first side road I saw. It was beautiful, almost no traffic, very few houses, and hilly! I ran against the wind for 25 minutes, turned around, and flew back with the wind at my back (it only took 22 minutes to get back). I have to check a map and see if there is potential for a loop next time I'm in the area. I love running on roads and trails that are new to me. I feel like I am out sight-seeing so the run goes really quick.

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