Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Training Week off to a Bad Start

The past few days at work have been busy, there are nurses out sick so I have spent a lot of time in the car trying to cover a lot of territory beginning right after Saturday's race. My back is killing me and I haven't run since Saturday's snowshoe race. I have driven around with my running clothes and shoes in the seat beside me, just waiting for an opportunity for a quick five miles, it never happened. Don't come near me, I am very grumpy right now!

On the up side, I only have a few clients to see today (and a bunch of household chores to catch up on but that's low priority) so I will be able to get some miles in later today.

I have no long run planned for this week because it is supposed to be a low mileage easy week before jumping into the next phase of training starting Monday. I didn't expect it to be quite this low mileage, but it is what it is. Who knows, maybe all this rest will allow me to have a good run at my last snowshoe race of the year on Saturday evening.

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