Friday, February 6, 2009

So Happy to be Out There

I ran about 4 miles out and back in Hollis this evening on a hilly side road. I really felt wonderful. Up until a few months ago, every run involved bilateral foot and ankle pain. To be able to run and feel comfortable and smooth is something I will never again take for granted. On Monday's long snowshoe run I started feeling some burning above my right heel a few hours into the run. I thought, "My Achilles, not again!" But then I checked and found it was just a blister starting. But in those few seconds when I thought it might be a relapse, my heart just sank. It was a good reminder for me to enjoy every single running step I take. I have been so blessed by my running all these years. I hope to still be at it when I am 90.

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  1. Hi Laurel! Hey, Hollis is just one town over from me! I'm actually less than a mile from the town line, and many of my routes go through there.

    Thanks for the tips on the Graston Technique!