Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sanford Sidewalk Run

I got a good eight mile run in on the sidewalks of Sanford just as it got dark this evening. The snow started about halfway through the run but the sidewalks were just wet, not slippery at all. Normally I would have driven part way home to get out of the city before I ran, but I wanted to get my run in before too much snow fell. Not to sound like a country bumpkin, but I actually had heart palpitations and anxiety as I started out. There were just so many cars on the road with headlights shining in my eyes and people making unexpected turns into and out of driveways and parking lots. I must lead a very sheltered running life to have this stuff bother me so much. But after a mile or so I settled into the run and calmed down.

My legs felt unbelievably light and fast! Not doing a long run this week has left them full of energy. I felt like I had springs in my feet. I did my 3 times a mile at threshold pace going by heartrate, not time. I ran a few miles easy after the threshold pace running and when I was almost back I decided to try some strides. Might as well take advantage of the youthful feel I had in my legs tonight! The strides felt good and smooth. I'll be back to hard training next week, but it sure feels good to be rested!


  1. I teach in Sanford and run right from the school during the week. I feel your anxiety, it's not the most runner friendly of areas unless you hit the backroads.

    Nice job on the run! It's nice when everything clicks.

  2. If it had been daylight, I definitely would have ventured off the main roads. I notice there are some nice quiet hilly roads heading out towards Lebanon, and I have been wanting to run on them.

  3. I hope the light and fast feeling carries over to Kingman Farm, not that you need it. You're fast enough! I'm sure skipping the 20 this week will help you in the SS race. See you there. I had a dream I was beaten by the big banana! Reminds me of the time I ran a Halloween race and it took me two miles to catch up to a guy in a full, hairy werewolf costume.:-0

  4. The last time I ran the Boston Marathon I was passed at the end by a big clown in floppy shoes carrying a bunch of balloons. I swore then and there, no more Bosotn Marathons for me.