Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Run and Ski

Ahhh, I feel better. I finally got my exercise fix. I let Bart ride with me when I went to see a few clients this morning, then parked on the side of Rte 5 and ran with him in the Massabesic Experimental Forest. I had never been out there in the snow, it was very pretty. The trails were rock hard from snowmobiles and it was nice running. There were some icy patches but I had my Stabilicers on and it wasn't a problem. I feel so confident in the Stabilicers that I don't even slow down when I have to run over icy patches. Maybe someday they'll fail me, but I've been using them for a long time and they've always gripped great. Stabilicers are a made in Maine product, by the way.

Bart usually has about 3 miles in him, tops. As I've mentionened in previous posts, he is about 98-years-old in dog years! Today he couldn't get enough. He hasn't had a run on the trails in a few weeks. Like me, road runs just don't excite him all that much. We went out about 2 1/2 miles and I decided that was enough for him and turned back for the Jeep. He wanted to keep going and so did I, but I knew he'd be sore and tired if we did.

I went home and got a few things done, then headed over to BJ's woods for some skiing. We groomed the trails together last night and I couldn't wait to get on them. The skiing was fast and fun. I had gone about 40 minutes when I heard something coming up behind me like a train. It was BJ flying over the hard packed snow. He had gotten home from work in time to get a few kilometers in. I was afraid he'd run me down, but he stopped to say hi before passing me. I skied behind him for about 20 minutes. This was faster skiing than I had been doing alone and my triceps and quads were aching by the time I slowed my pace back down.

I did my abdominal workout after skiing, but decided to skip the upper body weights tonight. I think the skiing worked my upper body hard enough.

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