Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thinking Ahead

I did today's threshold run yesterday because I was anticipating messy roads today (I was right). So today was an easy treadmill run while watching the snow fall outside the window. That was followed by some really difficult snow shoveling. The snow was very wet and heavy today. I'm pooped!

I have spent some time this afternoon working on a twelve week training plan leading up to Massanutten. For last year's Massanutten training I was injured so I did very low running mileage concentrating mostly on hill climbs. I ran pretty well there, finishing second woman overall and running just over 29 hours. This was done purely by will power, not on fitness. I want to train hard for this year's race and go into the race confident and prepared.

Thanks to the snowshoe racing and the cross country skiing I have been doing, I have a good base going into this next phase of my training. I'm writing up a tough training plan and I'm looking forward to the hard work. My goal for Massanutten is to break 28 hours. Anything can happen in a one hundred mile race and something could very well prevent me from reaching my goal, but I plan to put in an honest effort and do everything I can to make it happen.


  1. A 100 freakin miles?? I like my long runs but that's just crazy! I'm struggling with whether I want to do a 50k....
    2nd woman overall is pretty impressive. Nicely done.

  2. Laurel, that is turely amazing to be able to run 100 miles with out much training. You are sure tough. Just one more SS race left to really make you tough as nails or should I say SS cleats!! See you Saturday, don't forget your headlamp.

  3. Watch out guys. Laurel skipped her 20 mile run this week so she's going into Kingman Farm on fresh legs. Don't look back, she may be right behind you!