Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Morning Drivers

It has been well over a week since I have done any running on the roads. The snowshoe running, trail running in cleats, and cross country skiing are so much more fun than running on icy roads. But I thought I should do a road run today just to make sure all this off road strength focused running is keeping me in good running shape.

Today I did a five mile out and back on Spec Pond Rd. I usually hate Spec Pond Road in the winter because it tends to be windy and slippery, but today there was no wind and the road wasn't as icy as usual. Other than a crazy minivan driver in a rush to get to church, it was a great run. I noted on the way back that the same minivan that almost ran me off the road on my way out, was parked directly in front of the fire hydrant at the church on my way back. She had kind of skidded in sideways and left the minivan sitting at an odd angle, halfway still in the road. Her front bumper was inches from the fire hydrant. I guess she was pretty desperate to get to church this morning.

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