Friday, January 23, 2009

1-2-3 Ski

Today BJ and I kept our January 23rd (1-23) yearly tradition of skiing at Bear Notch Ski Touring Center. The trails were in the best shape we have ever seen them. We started out on some of the easier trails and then progressed to the more hilly ones. BJ is a much faster skier than I am. I chase him for all I'm worth and still have trouble keeping him in sight. On one flat straight stretch he challenged me to a sprint race. I said "no way, I'm not racing you," as I accelerated and got as much of a head start on him as I could. I was half way to the finish line before he realized I was racing. He still won.

There was one great downhill stretch, smooth, long, and fast. After skiing down, BJ climbed back up twice more to ski down again and I climbed it once more for another ski down. We skied for about 3 hours, stopping to talk and take pictures along the way. When we were almost done for the day, we decided to add on one more small loop. It started with a moderate climb. BJ was up ahead of me. About half way up the hill I just ran out of energy. I finally caught up to BJ and announced, "I'm done." Then I stuffed 3 peanut butter cups into my mouth all at once, without even offering him one. I needed the energy and he looked like he was doing just fine. That's the great thing about BJ, I can just be myself and it doesn't phase him a bit.

We stopped to eat after our ski and then headed home. It was a fun and exhausting 1-2-3 2009.

BJ skiing

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