Sunday, January 11, 2009

5 easy on the treadmill

Yesterday's race was so much fun that I added a few more snowshoe races to my race calendar. It was definitely good training. It took me outside of my comfort zone and reminded me what it is like to work hard. My legs aren't bad today, but I do have an overall general fatigue thing going on.

I am putting my long run off until tomorrow due to bad road conditions. Also, it gives me a day to recover from yesterday's snowshoe race. Since I plan to do another snowshoe race next Saturday I am adjusting this weeks training plan so I will do my next long run on Monday, too. Having Mondays off from work is coming in handy.

This morning I ran 5 miles at a relaxed pace on the treadmill. I felt surprisingly good and the miles went by fast. The only muscles that feel a little tender are my upper hamstrings and butt. Snowshoe running makes me lift my legs higher than I normally would and it really worked those muscles. I'll do the stability ball and weights tonight.


  1. I love that picture of you, Laurel! You look great on snow shoes! I'm telling you, you make me wish I could run like that! I ran 3 today, on ice-covered roads. There were long stretches of road that were complete sheets of ice so that made it difficult, but I felt good that I ran my measly 3. Send me that training schedule!
    Congratulations on such a good snow shoe race! I'm glad you enjoyed it and did so well! I know just what you mean about still feeling that you must compete with the 25 year olds. When I see the young girls from the university running in my area, I always wonder if I can keep up with them. And it's difficult to admit that I just can't run that fast anymore. But I feel like i should be able to! I do want to get in better running shape so hopefully the running schedule that you are going to send me will help. And then, next time I'm in Maine I can go for a 6 mile run with you!

  2. Your training plan is in the works.