Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009 Race Planning

I ran a quick 3 miles on the treadmill after work, followed by an hour of cleaning up snow and ice. There will be plenty more to clean up by morning, but I was trying to get a headstart on it. While I was out there in the sleet and wind, I started thinking about race plans for 2009.

Originally I had planned to try to get into Hardrock this year. But current finances won't allow that sort of travel right now. So I will run Massanutten 100 in May and then Vermont 100 in July. I'd like to do the Nipmuck Marathon between the two hundred milers, but I don't know if Dave will let me in. I spoke with him after Pisgah and he said he was going to be more selective in 2009 because the field was growing too big. I will run the MMD event in August. I am 1 for 2 at MMD and I need another finish to have a success rate above 50%. I want to run Pisgah 50K, Bimbler's Bluff 50K, and the Vermont 50 mile early in the Fall. If my ankles stay healthy and I can tolerate a road ultra, I would consider the Maine Track Club 50 miler in October. Another alternative would be the Arkansas Traveler 100. I ran it once and thoroughly enjoyed it.

So there, I have a preliminary plan. I just have to sit down with my calendar and see if it will work. My work weekends are pretty much carved in stone. It is almost impossible to get one off so I have to plan my races around them. I also might think about throwing in a few shorter trail races, just to shake things up a bit.

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