Saturday, January 3, 2009

working weekend

This is what the floor of my car looks like after a
twelve hour shift on the road. I'm not proud of it.

This is a work weekend for me. I work 12 hour shifts Saturday and Sunday every third weekend. When my 12 hour shift is over I have 12 hours of on call. So for 48 hours straight I belong to my employer. Running is tough to fit in on these weekends. Heck, eating and using the bathroom are hard to fit in on these weekends. I managed to run 45 minutes late this evening. I was really tired, but glad to get it in.

My scheduled long run is probably not going to happen tomorrow, but I knew that when I wrote up my training plan. I figure I can bump the long run to Monday if I need to. Mondays are scheduled as off or cross train days so it works out well.

On a sad note my computer, which friends have referred to as an antique, finally died last evening. BJ helped me find a new one which seems awfully sleek and modern looking. I'm kind of afraid of it. This baby cost me two weeks of cashed in vacation time which is a little hard to swallow. BJ, being a professional computer geek, warned me not to set it up until he was around to if I could just ignore it sitting there in the box. So far I don't think I have ruined anything.


  1. BJ didn't say to wait till he was around...he said let the computer warm up before turning it on as it was in a 23 degree car for 4 hours...

  2. I guess you're right, I really don't listen to anything you tell me.