Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Long Run/Ski Revisited

Bailing out of my long run and ski yesterday was still bugging me this morning. So I waited until late morning for the temperatures to climb into the teens and headed back over to BJ's Mile Loop with my snowshoes and skis for another try. I brought extra clothes and my warmest Gortex winter hiking mittens. My hands did get cold about two hours into the workout today and I was thankful I had the mittens. This pesky cold hands thing gets worse every year.

I set up a little aid station and started out on my snowshoes. Things went better today. I did a total of 20 miles, snowshoe running at the beginning and the end and skiing hard in the middle. I felt very good and enjoyed myself. Every 5 miles I stopped for a snack and some Gatorade.

Around mile 15, I was feeling so good that I toyed with the idea of going for 26 miles and having my own little winter sports marathon. By mile 18 it didn't seem like a good idea anymore. The first 18 loops were very consistent, but the last 2 miles on the snowshoes were pretty slow. My legs were shot. The whole thing took me 3:25. It was an excellent workout.

When I got home I was excited to see that my new Dion Racing Snowshoes had arrived! I'll get to try them out on Saturday in the Cobble Mountain race.

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