Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snowy Morning Run

This morning it was 10 degrees, windy and snowing heavily. I would have used the treadmill, but I felt like running early and Dan was sleeping on the couch in the same room I have the treadmill in. So I bundled up and went out for a run in the snow. With the wind it felt colder than 10 degrees. There were about 3 inches of new snow on the roads and the plows hadn't been out yet. I wore my Stabilicers and the traction was great. Visibility was terrible for me, so I imagined that the few drivers that were out on the roads would be having trouble seeing, too. So each time I saw headlights heading my way I stopped running and stepped off the road onto the snow banking. This only happened a few times. I stuck to back roads and a short stretch of snowmobile trail for 5 miles at a relaxed pace.

After showering and dressing, I went back out to feed the birds and found that conditions had gotten worse. I'm glad I got out when I did. And I'm glad Dan was sleeping on the couch because it was fun to run outdoors in the storm.

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  1. I could use some stabilicers! I ran yesterday on snow and ice covered roads and there was almost no traction. I love the snow but I was focusing so much on trying to proceed with each step while I slipped all over the place, that I couldn't enjoy the scenery. I bet it was great running with the stablicers and being able to enjoy the pretty snow!