Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Treadmill Recovery Run

I had to run on the treadmill tonight due to heavy snowfall. I ran a very slow 3 miles. My legs aren't sore from yesterday's run and ski, just very tired in the quads. The recovery run did what it was supposed to, it stretched, loosened up, and pumped blood to the tired muscles. They feel better now than before the run.

After my run I did those hard-core abdominal exercises with my new workout video. I have never owned a workout video before. I pulled the blinds. I don't care if my neighbors see me working out, I just don't want them to see me working out to a video. It feels like such a sterio typed middle aged woman thing to do. I know, I have issues.

Then I did an intense upper body weights workout. I was just finishing up my last set when I remembered I had done a hard weight workout during the last snowstorm. Afterwards, I regretted it when it was time to clean up the snow and my arms were tired and useless. Oh well, I can't undo it now.

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