Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Cold!

I can't believe I have another cold, I hadn't even fully recovered from the last one. Oh well, I hang around with sick people all the time (it's my job) so I do get exposed to a lot of germs.

I went out for a 7 mile loop this morning and hacked and sneezed into my gloives the entire run. Thank goodness I wore gloves. I ended up walking the last mile, I was just plain old worn out. It was such a pitiful slow shuffle of a walk that as I neared my house my neighbor asked, "Did you hurt yourself running?" I gave him a big old snotty sneeze and told him I was sick. Which somehow gave him the opening he needed to tell me all about the time his nephew got a stress fracture while training for a marathon. It was a long story.

By the time I got into the house I was freezing. I soaked in a hot tub and now I'm ready for a nap. I hope this cold is short lived.


  1. Some runs just suck....don't they? At least you had a good solid excuse.

  2. Laurel, colds stink! I'm working on my second one this winter/spring. The first one lasted 4 weeks. Hope this one doesn't.

    You've been training very hard the past 2 months. I'm sure you just need a little rest. Somehow, I don't feel you will take it though! ;-)