Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I moved my pile of skis, waxes, poles, snowshoes, crampons, cleats, and other miscellaneous winter gear into the closet today. That cleared the area that rightfully belongs to the treadmill. Then I moved the treadmill out of the living room. I'm ready for Spring. I just wish it would stop snowing.

My legs hurt from yesterdays faster paced running. They are wondering what hit them. They haven't been asked to move that fast in a long time. The snowshoe racing made my heart and lungs work hard, but didn't require the fast turnover and push off that regular fast paced running requires. It isn't a bad kind of hurt, it's that kind of hurt you get from working hard. It feels good.

Today was a very easy 3 mile run. I followed this with a 30 minute pedal on the bike trainer, weights, and abdominals. Oh, and I also shoveled the driveway (Please let this be the last time this year).


  1. Laurel, yesterday I took my snowshoes out of the trunk and put them away. This morning I put air in my bike tires....I'm heading out for a ride. Isn't it great that we embrace all of the seasons? Still, I am ready for clear trail, or even mud for starters. Could you tell me about the Wakefield, MA 12/24 hour run. I am toying with it. But is it all asphalt or are there some grassy medians and road edges on which to run? You inspire me.

  2. Emily, Wakefield is pretty much all sidewalk- hard on the legs. After the trafic thins later at night, you can move out into the road which is a little better than the sidewalk.