Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nice Trail Conditions this Morning

The trails conditions this morning were faster than they are mid summer. With all the thawing we had over the past few days and then a solid freeze last night, they were hard and crunchy. My feet hardly sank in at all and the traction was great. The plan was for a warm up on the trails and then 5K pace running on the roads. But the conditions were too good to waste, so I did 6 miles on the trails and put the fast paced stuff off until tomorrow. Another rest day will do me good, anyway. I did just over 6 miles in 50:30 on a route that takes at least 55 minutes in the summer because of blackberry brambles and rocks. Despite the fact that the trail was awesome today, I was still excited to run over one patch of bare ground. I had exactly 9 steps worth of dirt before I was back on snow!

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