Friday, March 20, 2009

Hessian Hill Run and Maine Maple Sunday

My quads are very sore from the treadmill cutdown run yesterday. That was hard work, and my legs were already a little tired going into it from the back to back long runs earlier in the week. I usually run alone, but today I wanted some company for a distraction so I called BJ, Long Pond was about half way between us so we agreed to meet there. I had a run up Hessian Hill in the back of my mind, but figured we'd have to see what my quads had to say about that.

As soon as we started running I had to groan. My legs were shot! We settled into a slower pace and I felt much better. As tired as my legs were, I felt like I could jog along at our slow steady pace all day if I wanted to. I take that as a good sign. If I can keep my tired sore legs jogging along at a slow steady pace in the last half of Massanutten, I'll be doing well!

I brought up the subject of climbing Hessian Hill in a half-hearted way, "I was thinking about running up Hessian Hill, but I don't know..." End of discussion, we headed for Hessian Hill. I warned BJ that I would definitely have to walk some of it today. But again, as tired as my legs were, I was able to hold our steady slow pace all the way up that long steep climb. Neither of us walked a step! We went down the other side and looped back to our cars.

This was a rest day and I feel like I had a nice easy run. A few months ago I couldn't even imagine that running up Hessian Hill could be restful. My legs are definitely getting stronger on the climbs! It was a very enjoyable run with nice views from the top. If I had tried to trudge through my tired-legged run alone tonight, it wouldn't have been any fun and I probably wouldn't have attempted Hessian Hill.

It was nice to have BJ along enthusiastically talking about Maple syrup through the whole run. If you didn't think there was that much to say about Maple, then you have never talked to BJ. So in honor of BJ I will mention that this Sunday is Maine Maple Sunday. Maine is the second largest producer of Maple syrup in the U.S., Vermont being number one. Many Maine Maple producers are holding open houses and events both Saturday and Sunday this year. There are usually free samples. My personal favorite way to sample the product is when they serve it over vanilla ice cream (yum). If you are out on the road this weekend, stop by and support Maine Maple Products at any of the many sugar houses throughout Southern Maine. A complete list of participants can be found here .

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