Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bear Notch Run

Today I ran in the Bartlet Expiremental Forest and the closed portion of Bear Notch Road for 3 hours 56 minutes. These trails are nice running trails in the warmer months. They are also very popular with mountain bikers. This time of year they belong to the snowmobilers. Most of the trails are actually dirt roads and the snowmobilers had them well packed.

I was afraid I might see a lot of snowmobilers because there were a lot of trailers in the parking lot, but I only saw two groups. First was an elderly couple having an argument by the side of the trail. Their sled wasn't even running, so they don't really count. The next group was a line of four women. It seemed unusual to see women out alone, but more power to them. They really slowed down when they went by me and all of them gave me a big wave. Women seem to be kinder gentler snowmobilers. Both these snowmobile encounters happened early in the run. I didn't see any more after the first 30 minutes of running.

Not long after the snowmobile ladies, I met a German woman walking towards me on the trail. She had snowshoes strapped to her pack but was just using hiking boots. The trails were nice and firm in the morning. She stopped and said something, but it wasn't in English and I didn't understand. Then she threw her arms up to the sky and looked up at the blue sky and bright sun with a big smile. She was right, it was a beautiful day. I doubt she is a runner but she is definitely a kindred spirit, out in the woods alone enjoying this beautiful planet we live on.

I did virtually all my climbing in the first half of the run and had a mostly downhill last half. But by the time I started my much anticipated downhill half the snow had really softened up with the warm temperatures and it wasn't as easy and relaxed as I though it would be. I love the snow, but I can't wait to get on some rocks and dirt!

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  1. Seriously you’re like the energizer bunny you just keep on going and the blog post keep me motivated as well. Sounds like your ready for MMT - miles and miles of rocks and dirt ;0)