Saturday, March 28, 2009


I got out early again today. This morning was foggy and damp, but the temperatures were above freezing and the snow is going fast. I ran out and back on Spec Pond Rd for about an hour. The trails around here are just too messy for running right now. I can run in mud, but this knee deep slush is just no fun.

There were a lot of birds out this morning. I saw one lonely duck floating in about four square feet of open water on Spec Pond. he looked content in his small pool. The turkeys are going crazy everywhere I go lately. It must be mating season. Today I saw a big drawn out flock of them scurrying across the road single file. My approach confused them and the line got broken up and jumbled. Some turkeys tried to run back the way they came and some ran down the street instead of continuing across. Suddenly, the orderly line of turkeys looked like a bunch of lunatics running around in every direction. After I had passed through I looked back and saw them reassembling and marching through the snow out into the woods.

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