Sunday, March 22, 2009

Running with my Sister

My sister, Amy is up from Connecticut for my Mom's birthday this weekend. She has been training for her first half marathon which is in June. I've been sending her training schedules each week and she has been faithfully doing what I suggest. She did her longest ever run of ten miles last weekend. Today we did 8 miles together over a very hilly figure eight from my mother's house in Limerick. Amy hates uphills, but she actually does very well on them. Maybe she'll eventually learn to love them :) Today's run was a mix of paved and dirt roads. I picked our route while driving in the car before I went to my Mom's house to start our run. It measured 8.0 miles exactly on my car's odometer, perfect!

We ran a nice steady pace after a few comments from me in the first mile to get her to slow down . It is hard for me to convince her that she doesn't have to kill herself every single run. They really aren't supposed to be torture.

After about 4 miles I started my 6 repeats of 1:30 at 5K pace concentrating on uphills and downhills. There weren't any flat sections anyway, so the uphill and downhill thing was easy to get in. When I'd finish my 1:30, I'd jog in place and catch my breath until Amy caught up, then we would continue on. I wasn't sure how I would get my repeats in while Amy was supposed to be doing a steady effort, but it worked out fine. On my last repeat I told Amy to come along with me if she wanted to. I didn't think she was going to, but as I topped the hill near the end of the minute and a half, I heard her right behind me. Good job, AMY! I am very excited to see Amy becoming a half marathoner! I won't start pushing the full marathon yet, I'll broach the subject at the finish line in Fairfield.

We finished in 1:09:03, an excellent time for 8 miles of hills with dirt and mud thrown in. I am so proud of my sister!

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