Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Long Run and Burgers

While I normally drive to M's house in North Conway so we can run over massive hills on our Tuesday runs, today M came to my house as my vehicle is still on loan to a family member. I ran around Kezar Falls for an hour or so before she arrived. It was sunny, cold, and WINDY! I kept my cell phone on hand and stayed close to home so I wouldn't keep her waiting when she got there. I got about 8 miles in before she arrived.

M. wanted to run 2 1/2 hours today. She has been back running after her long layoff for about a week and a half now. 2 1/2 hours sounded like too much to me, but I really can't tell her how to train. She's been at it as long as I have and has had much more success at running than I ever had. Plus she is a very determined and tough lady.

Together, we ran from my house around Bickford Pond and back for 15 miles. We walked some of the bigger uphills on the way back. I'd like to say we only walked for M's sake, but truthfully I was happy for the walk breaks, too. The first half of the run is mostly uphill and today it was against a strong headwind. It really took a lot out of both of us. Some of the wind gusts on the way out actually brought me to a stand still. So although the second half of the run was with the wind and mostly downhill, the damage had already been done. We were beat! In the last few miles we started fantasizing out loud about Pepsi and sandwiches. You'd think we were finishing up a 50 miler!

When we got home my daughter, Shawna was in the kitchen. She is on break from college this week. M and I relaxed on the bar stools and polished off a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi between the two of us, while Shawna cooked us up some delicious burgers. We both thought we had never tasted anything so good before! Everything always tastes best when you are totally depleted.


  1. I looked at some of your training....geesh...you make me feel slow and out of shape! So your 8 mile run was your warmup? HEHEHE...my warmups are more like a mile, sometimes two...

  2. Maybe I should have skipped that 8 mile "warm up" since I was totally spent by the end of the run.