Sunday, March 8, 2009

8 (or 9) X 2 minutes at 5K pace

My cold is better and I had a fantastic run tonight, 13.7 miles in 1:49:46. I mapped out a route from the Waterboro Elementary School and it turned out to be a very nice running loop. I checked my watch at the intersection that marked the 4 mile point and found that I was running at sub 8 minute pace without feeling like I was killing myself. Now, that's more like it! When I was a little more than half way done I started running my 8 X 2 minutes intervals. I ran at what felt like 5K effort for two minutes and then jogged two minutes. The fast paced running was difficult, but I was able to hold a steady hard effort for the entire 2 minutes each time. I lost count and wasn't sure if I had done 7 or 8, and although my legs were begging me to call it good enough, I did one more for good measure so I'd be certain I had done the full eight. Running back to my car my legs were shot. I feel so happy that I was able to do this workout, I had been dreading it all week!


  1. I swear we're going to see each other one of these days while we're both out running. That's just down the road from me. Great job on the run!

  2. You are getting very fast. I think you are destined to be a road runner! ;-)

  3. Jamie- I'm bound to meet up with you eventually on one of my runs in the Hollis-Waterboro area.

    Dan- Don't let it get around, but I am hoping to get up the courage to run a road race this Spring to see how much slower I am now than I was a decade ago when I was regularly running road races. I don't plan to make a habit out of road racing, though! :)