Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Coming Down with a Cold

I woke up this morning with a cold. I've been dragging all day at work and was going to skip my run. But this evening my legs started feeling a little sore in the hamstrings and shins from the hilly snowy run yesterday. Rest doesn't seem to help my sore muscles. If I take a rest day for muscle soreness it just feels worse the next day. Slow running is what seems to help most. So I ended up running an easy 45 minutes on the treadmill for just over 5 miles. I used the treadmill because I just couldn't muster up the will to go outside in the 20 degree darkness with my cold tonight. The treadmill run felt pretty good, all things considered. I was toying with the idea of lifting tonight, but I'm going to go to bed instead.


  1. Rest up and hope you feel better soon.

    Hey, I saw your name on the entrants list for Massanutten. I think I might have met you there last year, I was James' pacer. This year I'm pacing Stephen Wells.

  2. I remember meeting you and James last year. Pacing Stephen will be a good dress rehearsal for your Western States run this year.